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Best Offline Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite for Low-End Devices

This title is a battle royale game compatible with low-end Android devices, just like PUBG Mobile Lite. ScarFall offers a good collection of guns and scopes that players can use to defeat their enemies.

This shooting game runs smoothly on low-end phones, a lot like PUBG Mobile Lite. The title gives players the option to take part in over 20 offline missions. The single player campaigns are quite exciting and can be enjoyed offline too.

offline pubg game

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual's choice to play one or the other according to his/her preference.

No, PUBG is an online multiplayer game only and doesn't have an AI offline mode at the moment. I remember reading somewhere that there will be a campaign at some point but no idea when that will be or if that's even true. If you don't have a reliable internet connection then you might want to save yourself the $30 and give it a miss until it has some kind of offline mode.

PUBG has now been amongst the most popular battle royale games and had the biggest fans across the world. While this game allows gamers to experience exciting fights for survival, some seem to prefer playing offline games with similar gameplay as PUBG. Here are some suggestions for those who are looking for such offline games.

The first name on the list of top 3 offline games like PUBG is a horror-survival game called the State Of Decay. Instead of human survivors, your enemies are scary zombies that are always willing to scavenge you. Your main missions include base building, strategizing, crafting, and of course, escape from the zombies. State Of Decay includes a sandbox survival mode, a DLC, and a story mode.

With interesting gameplay, Borderlands 2 brings gamers to a fight against psychos, humans, and even monsters in the tundra of Pandora. Accordingly, you will become a vault hunter and have to craft, scavenge, and many other missions. Additionally, you have to beat Handsome Jack - the cruelest villain while protecting yourself from any threats.

The third and the last name on the list of top 3 offline games like PUBG is Fallout series. With the impressive survival gameplay, this game revolves around a fantastic world that is destroyed after an apocalypse. The current world called Wasteland is covered by countless mutants and irradiated bugs that always want to attack you.

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Ordinarily, you must connect to the internet in order to launch Steam and play games through it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, since Steam's network provides many useful features such as Steam cloud saves, achievement tracking, and automatic updates.

Next, from the bottom pane of the main Steam window, click Downloads. Ensure that there are no pending downloads, whether that be new games you're downloading or updates to your existing games. You want the download queue to be clear.

Next, launch the games that you intend to play offline. This ensures that there aren't any further updates or installation requirements that you need to carry out before you can actually play it. Once you've done that, close the game.

Voilà! You're now using Steam in Offline Mode, and you can play your games without an internet connection. Remember, many Steam features will be unavailable, so don't be surprised when you navigate to areas like the store or your profile and you see a warning that "Steam is currently in Offline Mode."

When you're ready to return online, click Steam > Go Online > Leave Offline Mode. Although you can stay in Offline Mode indefinitely, you should return online periodically so that you can receive game updates, sync your achievements, and download new games.

The most common issue is that you try to launch a game and see the error "This game cannot be started in Offline Mode." It's likely this is because you didn't fully update or launch the game first, before you activated Offline Mode. Most games need to sync to the Steam network before you can use them offline.

While we've covered Steam's Offline Mode thus far, what if you just want to use Steam but appear offline to your friends? This is great if you just want to have a gaming session in peace, without friends messaging you.

These statuses purely impact the social element of Steam. Regardless of which you choose, you can still play online, download games, receive updates, and so on. Simply put, you maintain connection to the Steam network.

The inclusion of Offline Mode is one of the many reasons why buying games on Steam is great. It's the de facto PC games marketplace for a reason, and features like Offline Mode make it clear to see why.

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It has visually impressive designs, but FPS Free Fire Game: New Gun Shooting Games Offline fails to translate it into animation and gameplay of the same quality. It leads to a buggy, extra challenging experience, like a lower-quality PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile.

The game's switch to become free-to-play has seen many new players come and go, but for those wanting to stick around and become one of the best pan-slinging maniacs on the battlegrounds, this guide will help get them started on the right foot by maximizing their chances of going against bots.

It's no secret that PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the oldest battle royale games on the market, helping to popularize the trend in the first place. An older game means a more experienced player base, and it can be frustrating to constantly lose to players with a level in high hundreds.

There's no shame in playing casual mode - all players must start somewhere, and with PUBG: Battlegrounds offering three casual games a day, players can take advantage of them to easily find a game that is guaranteed to have 12 real players or less, with the rest of the slots being filled by bots.

This strategy works best for console players, but can still help all players get into a match where the majority of enemies are bots. Crossplay is on by default, and can be switched off by navigating into settings and disabling the 'cross play' option in the gameplay tab.

Kieron has written trophy guides and walkthroughs for 3 years, and enjoys helping others see everything a game has to offer. He is a game designer and writer with a passion for getting 100% completion in all kinds of video games.

What did your esports tournament and live-production operations look like prior to the pandemic?Prior to the pandemic, we were launching a global series of offline events, called the PUBG Global Series. We had several cities around the world picked out to host big offline events like what we produced in 2019. Regional qualifiers would have been executed across several regions, and the top teams would have attended the global events. These events would be the key moments throughout the year and build up the story arc on the way to a massive global championship. Once the pandemic hit, we shifted the focus from those big offline-event moments to big online-event moments.

We were very far along in planning for offline events. We had already booked travel and venue, and the event was only a couple weeks away. Some of the other regions had already completed their offline qualifiers, and our NA, LATAM, and OCE teams were going to be some of the last teams to qualify for the event that was going to happen in Berlin.

When the pandemic really hit, we made the decision to postpone the global events as well as the remaining regional events until we could figure everything out. Eventually, the global event was canceled, so there was no reason to do an offline qualifier. We did pay out the prize pool to all the teams that would have qualified for the global event because we wanted to reward those players for all their hard work and make sure they were taken care of, knowing that the impact of the pandemic would be so significant.

And then we have four player streaming stations. They can stream individually or can all connect into the overall broadcast. That gives us the ability to work with our community team or our development team to bring certain people into the studio and show off new features of the game or play with different kinds of PUBG content.

In a team-vs.-team game or player-vs.-player, both sides get 50% of the exposure, but, at best, every team is getting 1/16 of the exposure. Elements like picture-in-picture, instant replays, match VODs, and shoulder content can create multiple layers within the broadcast. Instead of just taking the game and dividing it by 16, we have all these other inventories where we can show teams and players simultaneously.

Download (free)Bonus: RamboatThis is one of my favorite shooting games on Android. If you love cartoonish graphics with quirky gameplay, you are going to love this game. This is an offline arcade shooter game that will invoke your childhood memories. You play as an army warrior, and you aim to clear levels by killing enemies. The game is pure chaos, and I enjoy every minute of it. Once you get past the first few minutes of the tutorial, it will be mayhem. This is one of the best offline FPS games for Android.Download (free)TAGSgames40 CommentsRecommended Articles15 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft You Should Play15 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games to Play in 2022Sony Giving Heavy Discounts on Battlefield 2042, FIFA 22 & Other Games; Check out Right Now!30 Best Offline Games for iPad (Free and Paid)30 Best Games on Apple Arcade That You Should Play in 202245 Best Browser Games Everybody Should Play40 CommentsSavannah says:May 20, 2023 at 7:03 amThese games are really cool 10 and 15 is great


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