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As training for Civil and Geotechnical engineers, it is a video course that will serve the roles of introduction, review, introduction and review, basic, advanced and exercises. It introduces a methodology for building and testing a spatial database from a field survey using Civil 3D and SiteCase 2D. The database is tested and improved using Geomagic Qualify that determines whether the 3D point clouds are generated correctly. A brief survey of the fundamentals of geological and geotechnical concepts, giving an overview of the basic concepts in the conventional approach, and an introduction to 3D visual tools, including Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Site. It offers a new approach, which uses point clouds and a Spatial Database to test an approach for solving the problem of speed, precision and accuracy, but requires a little more effort than the conventional approach. This new approach has already been successfully implemented at the University of Massachusetts, Boston to solve the problem of a complex Geological Surveying and Mapping project, and it is still ongoing. The course allows the students to gain experience with advanced software tools, to introduce and employ common GIS tools that are easily accessed through the course, to gain experience with commonly applied spatial techniques, and to build a working database that will serve as a foundation for further work. It is currently being delivered to Civil Engineering students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The delivery includes a tutorial, that will take approximately 2.5 hours, followed by a training session using two different software packages (Geomagic Qualify and GIS-Bridge). A student will learn, using the first half of the tutorial, how to convert a 2D site survey to a 3D point cloud. The tutorial will teach how to use the functions in Geomagic Qualify to improve the point cloud by calibrating and aligning the clouds to the survey layout, by creating a random point cloud, which will be used to detect point cloud errors and to correct the point cloud by creating a virtual point. Next, the student will learn how to create a 3D database using the Point Cloud Database feature in SiteCase 2D (that was introduced in the course). During the second half of the tutorial, the student will learn how to read and write point clouds into a spatial database that will allow the student to work with the point cloud data using other software packages that do not work with point clouds. The tutorial uses Geomagic Qualify for converting a site survey to a point cloud, a SiteCase 2D database (that was introduced in the course) for creating a spatial database from the point cloud, and GIS-Bridge for accessing and viewing data from a site survey that has been created in a spatial database.

Keygen Civil 3D 2018 64 Bits Ingles

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