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Bum Equipment Watch Instructions

To change the battery in an automatic watch, the watch must be cleaned and the rotor must be taken off and removed from the case of the watch. To clean the watch:

Bum equipment watch instructions

  • Remove the bottom plate (which holds the watch rotor and magnetic switch).

  • Remove the rotary switch and rotor.

  • Clean the watch face and the button band, using soap and warm water.

  • Wipe dry.

  • Replace the battery.

  • Replace the rotor and switch.

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BUM Equipment is a member of the Armed Forces Exchange (AEF) and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Recipients of these services can be eligible to receive a deduction from their taxable income. Be sure to make a note of your CFC Identification number on each invoice, so it can be applied to your taxes.

When a worker is injured at work while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), its the responsibility of the company to cover the medical bills and provide compensation. To protect your rights as an injured worker, it is important to get full payment for medical bills in a timely manner and make sure all workers compensation claims are handled properly. For more information on how to handle these types of claims, talk to a workers compensation lawyer.

Never use or store your equipment in a way that can damage the machines. It is important to keep the equipment in a clean environment, free of dirt, moisture, or rust. Maintaining the equipment in a clean, dry environment helps it last longer. Proper care can extend the life of the equipment, as well as your utility bill.


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