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Cheryl appears in the Battleground, where she is battling Mira. The result of the battle was unseen and unknown. Later, after Buck and Looker are sent to the hospital after escaping from Team Galactic on Stark Mountain, Cheryl is seen trying to comfort a crying Mira next to Buck's hospital bed.


In-game players will have to battle it out with 100 others players on an unknown island. Upon landing, you will need to run for your life while scavenging for weapons and pieces of equipment that will help you survive. There 4 maps to choose from, Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar and the popular Erangel.

There is a glitch during the third battle against the Creator in which the Crystal, the item necessary to be able to attack the Creator, cannot be selected for use against the boss, and is instead used on the character attempting to use the item. The cause is unknown, but as this results in a battle where no party will attack it makes the battle never-ending. The only way to escape this is to reset the game.

Initially, in the mobile and subsequent versions, the background music would restart from the beginning of the track after each battle or Tetra Master match. This was eventually patched in the Android, PlayStation 4, and Switch versions.

Some minor graphical errors exist that do not affect gameplay. If Wakka is petrified by his own attack via the Stonestrike ability, his ball will be suspended high above his head. It will remain up in the air even after he is healed from petrification, although it does not hinder his ability to attack with it. The Abyss Worm's Regurgitate attack may end up making party members invisible until the swallowed characters have left the battleground for a summon or the battle ends, provided a character is under the effect of Guard or Sentinel when Abyss Worm uses this ability.

The HD Remaster version for the PlayStation 4 had the background music not resume where it left off after a battle, instead starting the track from the beginning again. Glitches concerning this version's random number generator have also been reported. These issues have since been patched.

When working towards this evolution, we recommend targeting Pokémon Basculin, as a water-type, has an advantage over - fire, ground and rock-types. Doing so will help ensure the battle ends quickly and in your favour thanks to Wave Crash being, unsurprisingly, a water-type move.

Friends with Shelly Smith and Scruffy Doodle since before the group existed, Yuno once gifted Shelly with a gold bar he got at the Vault. The next day, he helped her sell it at the Fence to cover some of the money she lost after a big fine, product of an altercation she had at Rooster's Rest where she kidnapped clients and employees, killed a hostage and shot at police officers (details she didn't share with the hacker).It is unknown what their opinion about Yuno's loyalty to Lang Buddha is, and Yuno remains friendly with Scruffy. As for Shelly, she has been asked by Cassie Cupcake to kidnap Yuno to torture him together.

DoC moved the series from turn-based RPG to third-person action shooting. Wielding his Cerberus pistol, as well as a machine gun and shotgun, FFVII fan favorite Vincent Valentine battles Deepground, an organization planning to revive a creature called Omega.

Using infrared communication, two players can link their toys and the pets may form friendships, play games, exchange gifts, and even marry. Connectivity was introduced with Osutchi and Mesutchi. The Japanese Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus was the first model to have an application , Since then, many subsequent models have also been able to interact with apps like Tamatown by using alphanumeric codes generated by the toy to log into the website's Flash game. After generating a code, the toy remains paused until the player either enters a logout code or cancels. The player may play minigames in the town to earn Gotchi Points, or use Gotchi Points to buy items in the town shops. To transfer points and items back to the toy, the player signs out of the Flash game and is given a code to input back into the toy. Newer models, such as the Tamagotchi 4U and the Tamagotchi 4U+ can connect to other Tamagotchi 4U units, as well as smartphones and tablets, using near-field communication. Unlike previous models, the Tamagotchi 4U does not have infrared, which consequently caused it to sell rather poorly.


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