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Luminous Arc 3 Translation Patchl

Luminous Arc 3 Translation Patch

Luminous Arc 3 is a tactical role-playing game developed by Imageepoch and published by Marvelous Entertainment for the Nintendo DS in 2009. It is the third and final installment in the Luminous Arc series, following Luminous Arc and Luminous Arc 2. The game features a new cast of characters, a different setting, and a revamped battle system. The story revolves around Levi, a young Knight of Magi who has the power to use eyes, a source of magic that can also attract the attention of the Felicia, mysterious creatures that seek to destroy humanity.

Despite being well-received by critics and fans in Japan, Luminous Arc 3 was never officially localized for the English-speaking market. However, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated fan translation team, the game is now fully playable in English. The team released their English patch on December 24, 2021, as a Christmas gift for the Luminous Arc community. The patch features a complete translation of the game's text, graphics, and online/multiplayer mode. The patch is compatible with the Wiimmfi Network, which allows players to enjoy the game's online features with other players around the world.


The fan translation team consists of Plasturion, Jaumander, Asakura, Buster Gundo, and CheshireCat. They used machine translators (mostly DeepL and Google Translate) and some romaji skills to translate the game from Japanese to English. They also reused some assets and ideas from Yukiwa-kun's unfinished translation project. They spent about a year working on the patch, overcoming various challenges and difficulties along the way. They also received help and support from other people who contributed to the translation in different ways.

The fan translation team has created a website, a GitHub repository, and a Discord server where they share their patch, tools, updates, and feedback. They also welcome anyone who wants to help them improve the quality of their translation or try out the multiplayer mode. They hope that their patch will allow more people to enjoy Luminous Arc 3 and appreciate its story, characters, gameplay, and music.

Luminous Arc 3 is a game that deserves to be played by fans of tactical role-playing games and anime-style graphics. It offers a rich and engaging experience that will keep players hooked for hours. With the fan translation patch, players can now experience the game in English and join the online community of Luminous Arc fans. If you are interested in playing Luminous Arc 3 in English, you can download the patch from the links below and follow the instructions on how to apply it to your original Japanese ROM.

Download Links

  • Luminous Arc 3 English Patch v1.0

  • xDelta UI (Tool for Patching)

  • Wiimmfi Network (Guide for Online/Multiplayer)

Review and Tips

Luminous Arc 3 is a game that will appeal to fans of the genre and the series. It has a lot of content and features that will keep players entertained and challenged. The game has a total of 40 chapters, each with its own story, objectives, and rewards. The game also has multiple endings, depending on the choices and actions of the player. The game has a lot of replay value, as players can try different strategies, explore different paths, and unlock new content.

The game's battle system is one of its main attractions. It is a turn-based system that uses a grid-based map and a variety of units, skills, items, and terrain. The game introduces a new feature called eyes, which are special abilities that can be activated by certain characters. Eyes can have various effects, such as boosting stats, healing allies, damaging enemies, or changing the environment. Eyes can also be combined to create more powerful effects. However, using eyes also comes with a risk, as they can attract the Felicia, which are powerful enemies that can interrupt the battle and cause trouble.

The game's graphics and sound are also impressive. The game has colorful and detailed sprites, backgrounds, and animations. The game also has fully voiced scenes and dialogues, as well as an original soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura. The game's voice acting and music are well-done and add to the atmosphere and emotion of the game.

Some tips for playing Luminous Arc 3 are:

  • Save often and use multiple save slots. The game can be difficult and unpredictable at times, so it is advisable to save your progress frequently and have backup saves in case you want to retry or change something.

  • Explore the map and interact with everything. The game has many hidden items, secrets, and events that can be found by exploring the map and talking to people and objects. You can also find clues and hints for solving puzzles and completing objectives.

  • Manage your resources wisely. The game has a limited amount of money, items, skills, and eyes that you can use in battle. You should plan ahead and use them strategically to achieve the best results. You should also upgrade your equipment and skills regularly to keep up with the enemies.

  • Experiment with different units and combinations. The game has a large roster of characters, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and roles. You should try out different units and see how they work together. You should also use eyes to enhance your units' abilities and create synergies.

  • Enjoy the story and the characters. The game has a rich and engaging story that will keep you hooked until the end. The game also has a lot of character development and interaction that will make you care about them. You should pay attention to the dialogues and scenes, as they can reveal important information or affect the outcome of the game.

Luminous Arc 3 is a game that deserves more attention and recognition from the gaming community. It is a game that will satisfy fans of tactical role-playing games and anime-style graphics. It is also a game that will challenge your skills, strategy, creativity, and decision-making. With the fan translation patch, you can now enjoy this gem in English and join the online community of Luminous Arc fans. Interview with the Fan Translation Team

To learn more about the fan translation project and the people behind it, we conducted an online interview with the team members. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Q: What motivated you to start this project?

A: Plasturion: I have always been a fan of the Luminous Arc series, and I was disappointed that the third game was never localized. I wanted to play it and understand the story and the characters. I also wanted to share this game with other fans who were in the same situation as me.

A: Jaumander: I joined the project because I was curious about the game and I wanted to help Plasturion. I also liked the challenge of translating a game from a language that I didn't know very well.

A: Asakura: I was interested in the game's graphics and music, and I wanted to see how they compared to the previous games. I also wanted to contribute to the fan translation community, as I had benefited from other fan translations before.

A: Buster Gundo: I was a fan of Yoko Shimomura's music, and I wanted to hear her compositions for this game. I also liked the game's battle system and the eye feature. I thought it would be fun to play and translate.

A: CheshireCat: I was intrigued by the game's story and setting, and I wanted to know more about the world and the lore of Luminous Arc. I also enjoyed working with other people who shared my passion for this game.

Q: What were some of the difficulties or challenges that you faced during the project?

A: Plasturion: One of the biggest challenges was finding and extracting the game's files. The game had a lot of compressed and encrypted data, and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to access them. We also had to create our own tools and scripts to edit and insert the files back into the game.

A: Jaumander: Another challenge was translating the game's text. The game had a lot of dialogue, menus, tutorials, and descriptions, and we had to make sure that they were accurate, consistent, and natural in English. We also had to deal with some technical limitations, such as character limits, line breaks, font sizes, and special characters.

A: Asakura: We also had to translate the game's graphics, such as logos, icons, buttons, banners, and menus. We had to edit them using image editing software, and make sure that they matched the style and quality of the original graphics. We also had to adjust them to fit the screen resolution and aspect ratio of the DS.

A: Buster Gundo: Another difficulty was testing and debugging the game. We had to play through the game multiple times, checking for errors, glitches, crashes, or bugs. We also had to fix any issues that we found, such as typos, grammar mistakes, alignment problems, or missing texts.

A: CheshireCat: We also had to work on the game's online/multiplayer mode. We had to make sure that it was compatible with the Wiimmfi Network, which is a service that allows players to play online games on Nintendo consoles after their official servers were shut down. We also had to test the online features, such as chat, battles, trades, rankings, and achievements. Feedback and Future Plans

The fan translation team has received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from the Luminous Arc community and other gamers who have played their patch. Many players have praised the team for their hard work, dedication, and quality of their translation. They have also expressed their gratitude for making the game accessible and enjoyable in English. Some players have also shared their op


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