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Oxford Word Skills Basic Audio Cd Free 69

Oxford Word Skills Basic Audio Cd Free 69

Oxford Word Skills Basic is a book that helps learners of English improve their vocabulary and communication skills. It covers over 1000 words and phrases that are essential for everyday situations, such as shopping, travelling, socializing, and studying. The book also includes a mini-phrasebook, a learning record, and flash cards to help learners review and practice the words they have learned.


One of the features of Oxford Word Skills Basic is that it comes with an audio CD that contains recordings of all the words, phrases, texts, and dialogues in the book. The audio CD helps learners improve their listening and pronunciation skills, as well as their confidence in speaking English. The audio CD is free with the book, and learners can also download it from the Oxford University Press website. The audio CD has 69 tracks, each corresponding to a unit in the book. The tracks are numbered and labeled according to the topic and type of activity, such as "Unit 1 Shopping - Text" or "Unit 5 Travel - Dialogue". The audio CD also includes a track with instructions on how to use it effectively.

Oxford Word Skills Basic is part of a series of books that covers different levels of vocabulary and communication skills. The other books in the series are Oxford Word Skills Intermediate and Oxford Word Skills Advanced. These books follow the same format and structure as Oxford Word Skills Basic, but they cover more complex and specialized words and phrases. They also come with audio CDs that are free with the books or available for download from the Oxford University Press website.

Oxford Word Skills is a great resource for learners of English who want to expand their vocabulary and communication skills in a fun and engaging way. The books and audio CDs provide learners with plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, and review the words and phrases they need for everyday situations. Learners can also access additional activities, tests, wordlists, and audio files from the Oxford Word Skills Student's Site. Oxford Word Skills is suitable for self-study or classroom use, and it can be used alongside any coursebook or as a supplement to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.


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