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[S17E13] Talking Points _VERIFIED_

90s Percentile is a podcast talking everything 90s, and maybe also everything before and after. On 90s Percentile, Jack and Dan randomly select your listener topics and discuss live-to-tape for exactly sixty minutes in our patented WEE way. You can suggest your 90s topic right here!

[S17E13] Talking Points

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Yates stops taking his medication and shows severe signs of Parkinson's Disease during the trial. On the stand, Barlow is forced to admit that she used slurs against the disabled in her speech on the night of the shooting. Yates claims he carries a gun for protection and fired accidentally due to the shaking caused by his condition. McCoy points out this can't be true, since at that time Yates' symptoms were kept under control by his medication. Yates yells that his life is worth more than those of the embryos harvested for stem cells; McCoy says that the same is true of both Barlow, and the student who was accidentally killed. The jury convicts and Connie later asks McCoy for his own views on stem cell research. He replies:

@kat -Sorry but I just cannot swallow Benson and Barba! IMO it would be a total train wreck for the show! I can't imagine her talking to Barba on the phone and telling him that she took the mandatory time off and yes, she is seeing her shrink. That just wouldn't make sense. All tho the wine drinking does make you wonder! ;) Guess we have a cliffhanger in who she was talking to. @lannes- Yeah, Amaro would make more sense. I would think both Tucker and Dodds senior would know of the time off Benson took.I think her job and all her abductions are taking a toll on Benson! She probably is under an extreme amount of stress and everyone has their cracking point!I liked this episode very much. Yes it was predictable but fast paced and the chemistry between the characters, I enjoyed very much!

Why are they giving Liv a drinking problem but I agree drinking a bottle of wine at one sitting does not a alcoholic make. But still after all they have turned Liv into she not only keeps her badge she gets promoted now she is a alky please. As for the Stabler return it was never a firm thing and it's been scraped. I think she was talking to Tucker

Like Chris said, the episode was predictable. But solid.Now this whole ambiguous bait about whom Olivia was talking on the phone with--most will probably guess it's Tucker--is completely annoying. 041b061a72


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