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Products I Use Every Day

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

I only recommend products that I absolutely believe in, own and use everyday. I genuinely think that all of these will improve other people's lives. Below are only 6 total products and I think everyone should have some form of the products below!

1. Vitamin D3 125 mcg (5,000 IU) 360 year supply by Naturewise - $15

I like this product because they are well priced at $15 for an entire year. They are Soy free, Dairy free, gluten free, non-gmo, they have Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is very good for you! I think 5,000 IU is a good amount to take as 80% of the global population is VD3 DEFICIENT! Always Listen to your body! We should be taking 1,000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight each day, especially during the Winter where the days are shorter and nights longer and we aren't going outside. This is personally what I do, however again always listen to your body!

(Personally I am a young athletic male who is outside constantly with my dogs in Colorado where we get 300 days of sunshine and my recent VD3 blood tests showed that I have 38 ng/ml of VD3. This is not good. I want to be above 50!)

2. Remag Liquid Magnesium $30 -

Remag was invented by the Magnesium specialist who has spent over 20 years specifically studying Magnesium in the body. Her name is Carolyn Dean and she wrote the master piece book "The Magnesium Miracle", highly recommend! It is important to get this in the liquid form over the pill form (magnesium oxide) because our body is only really utilizing 5% of the entire pill because the rest creates a laxative effect so you are on the toilet all day! This liquid form allows your body to store all of it and use it in the body with little to no laxative effect!

This should be taken with Vitamin D3 as well as K2, which is what I personally do. Just like Vitamin D3, 70% of the global population is Magnesium DEFICIENT! This is an extremely important micro-nutrient that we don't make naturally and need to get in our diet. Due to our foods being nutrient deficient due to poor soil and chemicals, it is almost necessary to supplement. WHY??

  • The majority of chronic illnesses are caused by Magnesium Deficiency!

  • Just to Metabolize Vitamin D3 in our body, Magnesium is needed in 8 steps in that process!

  • Magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of over 600 enzyme processes in the body!!!!!

  • Calcium depletes magnesium in the body and most of us get too much calcium.

3. K2 by Innovix Labs 90 day supply $25-

I take K2 with magnesium and Vitamin D3. They are a power group in my opinion. K2 is responsible for guiding calcium into the bones where it belongs instead of leaving it circulating to calcify blood vessels and other soft tissue. INNOVIX LABS = has some of the highest standards and testing to make sure their supplements are the best and most legit quality possible!

(Also when it comes to supplements a higher price is not a bad thing, this usually means they are taking proper steps and processes to make sure they are following the best guidelines of creation and distribution. Supplements that are cheap beware they might be cutting corners!)

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Renewed) $200 -

I LIVE IN THESE! If you travel, meditate, or love music these are the best headphones on the market! The (Renewed) means they are used but they are basically brand new and are $100 cheaper than the brand new ones which are $300. These are as soft as a cloud around your ears, you don't even notice wearing them! The noise canceling feature is unbelievable! You can't hear anything!

I use these to meditate every morning in my apartment and I can't hear my neighbors, cars, my dogs, or my Girlfriend :). All I can focus on are my thoughts which is exactly what I want. Also on airplanes you can't hear the people, or the plane! HIGHLY RECOMMEND - WORTH EVERY PENNY!

5. Waterdrop - Water Pitcher $33 -

This is my go to water pitcher. Our tap water no matter where you live is in bad shape. Most of our underground piping is decades old and is rusting. Not only that most treat our water with Chlorine and Fluoride. This specifically focuses on eliminating those two things as well as lead and other harmful chemicals.

Major reason why I use this is because Fluorine #9 on the periodic table, is not good for you. Make sure if you want to eliminate as much Fluoride from your body you are using Fluoride free toothpaste as well. When Fluoride is in your body it binds with magnesium, making magnesium unavailable to the body. We are already magnesium deficient and supplementing magnesium! This is a medical emergency and we can't afford to lose any more magnesium!

6. Ninja Blender - 900 Watts 18 & 24 Oz. To-go-cups $60 -

I use this every day. For only $60 I don't know of any other blender that is better! This has no blades on the outside so it is impossible to get hurt. It comes with 2 to-go-cups and drinking lid so you can drink at the desk, or in the car! I put lots of hard things in this and it blends it in under 20 seconds no problem! Extremely easy to clean and I just don't know what I would do with out my HEALTHY MORNING SMOOTHIES!

Note: I hope you enjoy these products. Please keep in mind these are the links I personally use to purchase these products. I can not guarantee that they are shipped properly, or not sent broken to you. Amazon is great at returns so if this happens, just send it back and request a new one!

** I am a Citizen Scientist. I am not a PROFESSIONAL Scientist, nor am I a Doctor. Part of being a Citizen Scientist means doing your own research, experiments and becoming your own expert!**

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