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What Is A Citizen Scientist?

Have you Ever Experimented with a New Diet for 30 days?

Have you ever experimented and observed changes in your body after implementing a new workout regime?


Have you ever recorded your sleep cycles, or steps walked in a day with an App on your phone?


Have you ever hypothesized that the quality of your tap water wasn't as "pure and clean" as advertised?


​If you answered YES to any of these you are on your way to becoming a Citizen Scientist!



What This Says About You!


If you are here this means that you are Curious, Concerned and Observant of your surroundings!


“In order to have a just and sustainable world, we need to have a new cultural norm in which being a responsible person on this planet means that we observe our planet and ourselves with intention!” - Caren Cooper


And then we share what we see, hear and find! We create a community of compassion and truth! Of Transparency and Accountability!


A New Age


Why is it important to become your own expert? Why is it important to become a Citizen Scientist? Because we live in a New Age! We have passed the Information Age! We are now in the Too Much Information Age!


We have 1,000’s of sources of media/information all with their own hidden agenda and biases. Most of our “Main Stream Media” is owned by Billionaires and Billion Dollar Companies that want to control the narrative!


With an OVERWHELMING AMOUNT of information and our busy lives, we don’t have time (unless we think we don’t) to sift through dozens of different sources of one topic of one specification of life! So what do we do? We use Trust! We decide to trust a few people, businesses and news outlets as our source of the “Truth”.


But as I mentioned before everyone has their own hidden agenda. So how can we be sure we are receiving non-biased, zero-agenda driven, honest truth? The Answer is we DON’T! Even our parents have a hidden bias, or were raised in a different period of time where their thoughts/beliefs don’t quite add up to the society we live in.


The ONLY person you can listen to is YOURSELF! That’s what being a Citizen Scientist is! It is deciding to become your own expert! It is deciding to set aside 30 minuets - 1 hour a day to learn about your body, the Earth, Science, Etc! It is learning how to quickly find information, sift through different sources, find a truth and compare it to your own experiences and an honest community like this community! At the end of the day YOU can only listen to yourself and what makes sense to you!

Trees From Above
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